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How does the selling process work?

  • 1. Determine Aircraft Market Value
  • 2. Full Aircraft Assessment
  • 3. Price Aircraft
  • 4. Generate Marketing Material
  • 5. Advertise
  • 6. Assess Offers
  • 7. Contracting
  • 8. Pre-purchase Inspection
  • 9. Closing & Aircraft Delivery
Why Pro Jet Consulting?
  • Aircraft Brokerage - Pro Jet Consulting will work closely with you to determine your needs, along with defining your selling requirements and timing goals.
  • Trust Experience - Pro Jet Consulting has decades of experience in aircraft sales and brokering.
  • Save Valuable Time - Time is a big consideration. It's shocking how much time selling an airplane can take.
  • Our Services - Aviation business consulting, aircraft valuation analysis, aircraft finance, aircraft acquisition and sales are the primary services of Pro Jet Consulting.

Located in The Cleveland Jet Center

Pro Jet Consulting is located in The Cleveland Jet Center in Cleveland, Ohio